We are in Turin, but our translations can reach you wherever you are

Otherwords’ offices are located in Turin, but we can deliver translations to customers all over the world! The translation workflow can be handled remotely thanks to IT tools. This means that your texts can be sent by email or shared using cloud technology, so we can work with you from our Turin office wherever you are.


Every project is assigned to specialised staff members and is managed according to the following workflow:

Translation is the transposition of a text from one language to another. It is a complex process that is the foundation of global communication. To carry out this process, our translation agency carefully analyses each translation project and avails itself of the collaboration of native speaking translators in the target language, specialised in different fields. The translations we perform are subjected to various quality assessments, to ensure maximum quality.


The project is analysed to determine and choose the most suitable resources and tools.


The translation is performed by native speaking translators in the target language and specialised in the relevant field.


The translation is checked by one or more professionals other than the translator. This control covers all aspects of the text: spelling, grammar, linguistic register, completeness, conformity to the original document, localization and comprehensibility level.


After its proofreading, the translation is rechecked by the project manager before delivery.

We specialise in the following fields:

Technical sector

We translate: manuals, instruction booklets, technical specifications, tender specifications and technical documents in many different areas, including:

• mechanics

• automotive

• electronics

• machine tools

• thermohydraulic and

• energy and environment

• logistics

• safety systems

• fire safety systems

• and many more

Thanks to the collaboration with partners specialised in layout we are able to take care of the graphic processing of images containing parts of text to be translated and, in general, of the Desktop Publishing of your technical documents.

Furthermore, we can produce technical documentation, both in Italian and in any foreign language. We can carry out:

• instruction manuals

• technical files (ATEX directives, PED, Machinery Directive, MID, etc.)

• Technical passports (TR CU)

• Data Book Manufacturing


Otherwords works with several law firms and consulting firms, offering its linguistic support in specific areas, including:

• labour law

• administrative law

• criminal law

• international law

• family law

• contracts

• litigation

• intellectual property

• patents

Sworn, certified and legalised translations

The certification (or the oath of the translation of a document) is required in all cases where it is necessary that the translator officially attests the correspondence of the translated text with the content of the original document. If the translated and certified document is destined abroad, it will be necessary to legalise the document or affix the Apostille (Hague Convention, 1961), according to the destination country of the translated text.

We swear and legalise, daily, translations of:

• personal documents (birth, marriage, divorce, graduation certificates, criminal records, etc.)

• notary deeds (purchase, inheritance, etc.)

• contracts

• legal documents

• economic and financial documents (financial statements, notes to financial statements, etc.)

Marketing, advertising and communication

This is a crucial type of translation because it involves translating your image and your corporate message to a foreign audience, that needs to clearly understand your message, but above all to be able to find you on the web! On the one hand, therefore, it is imperative to localize the contents on a cultural level, on the other hand, it is essential to consider the positioning on search engines and to translate your contents keeping the SEO ranking in mind.

Our work in this field is divided into several areas:

• Websites: we translate your content clearly, with special attention to its localization both from a technical and cultural point of view, identifying keywords in the target language.

• Multimedia marketing: we translate and localize your advertising campaigns and sales strategies on social media and online, evaluating their effectiveness for a specific target audience and providing targeted linguistic and cultural advice.

• Business publishing: we translate and localize your printed business material: brochures, catalogues, leaflets, folders and press releases, information material for trade shows and events and much more.

International projects of public administrations

We are qualified to access the MEPA portal to work for public administrations. We can, therefore, provide institutions and administrations with our services for everything related to the linguistic aspect of international cooperation and development projects.

Tourism, wellness, culture and promotion of local areas

Otherwords works with tourist organisations, authorities and structures, translating materials on:

• local tourism, food & wine and cultural promotion

• presentations of hospitality facilities

• websites and applications

• travel, culture, events, leisure activities

Information technology

We translate and localise:

• software and app

• web pages

• text strings

• multimedia content

In addition to translation, we offer a variety of complementary services that enable us to provide even more accurate and personalised support. Here is what we can do when you assign us a translation project:


Our technicians can graphically process the files and reconstruct the layout so that the translated files always reproduce the original file layout. We can handle a variety of formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, Indesign, Framemaker, PowerPoint, html, xml and many more.

We can also create PDF documents that are suitable for printing or interactive for the web.


Our translation software enables us to create and manage customer-specific translation memories and glossaries. Thanks to these processes, previously translated segments and terminology preferences can be stored and re-proposed as required.


We can certify and legalise the translations of all kinds of documents that require these services. We usually carry out these practices at the Court of Turin, but we will analyse your specific case to offer you the best solution, also in terms of logistics.

We translate in many different areas, if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.