Our works

For years we have devoted ourselves to translations, interpreting services and linguistic training, supporting the specific needs of our customers. The following are some of the projects we created for our customers:

Mahle Componenti Motori Italia spa

English and German courses, supply of technical translations in the field of mechanical components (Italian <> English, German) and interpreters (Italian <> English) for international meetings

Brigade Electronics

Translation of company presentations and technical documentation on vehicle safety systems (Italian <> English, English> Czech)

BITO Italia Ltd.

Technical translations in the field of shelving and warehouse management; translation of contracts and other administrative documents (Italian> German, English)

Res Nova

Translation of technical and marketing documents in the civil and industrial cleaning sector, waste management, plant maintenance and energy efficiency (Italian> French, English)


Technical and marketing translations in the trimmings sector of high level craftsmanship (Italian> English, German)

Studio legale Salussoglia

Translation of contracts and legal documents in the commercial, corporate, real estate and family sectors (Italian> English, Polish), and related asseveration and/or legalisation services with the relevant authorities

Studio Legale Comba & Rosano

Translation of legal documents (Italian> Bulgarian, Romanian, German, French, Greek, English, Chinese and other languages) and asseveration and/or legalisation services with the relevant authorities

Studio Legale Falbo & Manara

Translation of legal documents (Italian> Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Croatian, German, English, Arabic, French and other languages) and asseveration and/or legalisation services with the relevant authorities

SDC Service

Translation of texts related to the organisation of international events in the field of corporate entertainment (Italian> French)


Technical and institutional translations of friction materials and braking systems for agricultural, dirt-removal and industrial applications (Italian> German)


Translation and asseveration of certifications and technical documentation on fire protection systems (Italian> English, French)


Translations of machine and plant manuals, for over 300,000 words, for various end customers (English, Italian >Hungarian, Russian)

GD D’Alto

Translation of legal, administrative and technical documentation concerning patents and trademark protection (Italian> English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Slovak, Arabic)

BBC s.r.l.

Translation of administrative and financial documents (Italian> English, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish> Italian)

Derichebourg Italia – San Germano

English and French language courses, technical translations in the waste management sector (Italian> French)

C.S.T.A. S.r.l.

Translations of machine tool user manuals (Italian <> English, Italian> Polish, Hungarian)

FRI sas

Translation of marketing material related to the production of marble sector (Italian> German, French)



Prima Pavimenti

Translation of technical documents and tenders in the technical floors sector (German > Italian)



Translation of contracts and administrative documents (Italian>  English)

And many more…