Otherwords is a translation, interpreting, language courses agency and much more, supporting companies and individuals


What we can do for you:

Otherwords is a translation, interpreting, language courses agency and much more, supporting companies and individuals.

Visiting our website, you can learn how we manage our work, but first, let’s talk about you!

We would like to know about your activities and the way you operate on the market. This will be the first step in starting our professional collaboration. We want to understand how we can concretely help you and what to propose you to support your business development.

Our business is centred not around our services, but around you.

Now that we have presented our company purpose, we are ready to tell you about us.

Otherwords is the result of years of experience in translation and localization, interpreting, training and language consulting.

We daily manage translation, localization, proofreading, interpreting, language training and many other services in all languages.

Several factors come into play when implementing a new project.

We analyse every request to understand what the resources are, the means and the time needed to achieve it at best and we will keep you informed on the process with the utmost transparency starting from the estimate stage.

We carry out our language projects with great accuracy, keeping constant communication with our customers so as not to leave their point of view in the background. This aspect of the process is particularly important to us, for every service we carry out, from translations to interpreting, to language teaching.

We continue to support our customers even after the completion of the performed services, for any further need, because we deem our customers’ final feedback as crucial.

The following is what you get when you choose Otherwords:

• Competent and specialised professionals

• Over a decade of experience in the field

• Procedures compliant with international standards as defined by the European Quality Standard ISO 17100: 2015 relating to language services

• Reliability and cost savings using translation software programmes

• Flexibility and proposals tailored to your needs and budget

• Support and advice for your sales strategies abroad

• Support and availability, even after service delivery or provision

• Competitive rates, thanks to a lean management

• Honesty, transparency and excellent customer service

Our languages:

English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Arabic, Turkish, Albanian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages ​​on request.