Other services

We also provide the following services:

Voice over

We work with professional speakers of different nationalities and languages to provide a fast and competent service. Our service includes exclusively native speaking speakers, fast delivery, free and unlimited use of the recorded audio, audio format of your choice, and editing and post-production.

Telephone calls and video conferences in foreign languages

Our professional interpreters can also support you during your meetings by video conference or by telephone. You can request an interpreter on-site or remotely.

Hostess and steward services

We can provide you with hostesses and stewards for congresses, fairs and advertising events, knowledgeable in the foreign language you request.

Audio-visual translation and subtitling

When translating your video our specialised collaborators will pay the utmost attention to the message that each sentence must convey to the public while respecting the maximum length of the characters and the synchronisation of the speech. We can provide different file formats according to your requests.

Review of texts already translated

If you need to verify the translation of a text already translated into any language, we can check its correctness and conformity to the original document.

Draft proofreading

We carry out the final check of texts intended for publication on paper or online.

Transcription of audio recordings

We perform the transcription of audio files in many languages ​​providing you with the written text, and any translation in the requested language.

Layout and graphics processing

Thanks to the collaboration with partners specialised in layout we are able to take care of the graphic processing of images containing parts of text to be translated and, in general, of the Desktop Publishing of your technical documents.

Furthermore, we can produce technical documentation, both in Italian and in any foreign language. We can carry out:

• instruction manuals

• technical files (ATEX directives, PED, Machinery Directive, MID, etc.)

• Technical passports (TR CU)

• Data Book Manufacturing

Sworn, asseverated and legalised translations

We perform asseverations and legalisation of translated documents at the court of Turin or at other courts.
The asseveration (or the oath of the translation of a document) is required in all cases where it is necessary that the translator officially attests the correspondence of the translated text with the content of the original document. If the translated and certified document is destined abroad, it will be necessary to legalise the document or affix the Apostille (Hague Convention, 1961), according to the destination country of the translated text.

If you have a specific request contact us, we will do our best to help you.