Make your international meeting a unique event

We will examine your requirements to provide you with the appropriate equipment and help you choose the interpreting suited to your needs.

Otherwords provides specialised professional interpreters for your international business needs. We can support you both with conference interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage) and with liaison interpreting for your business negotiations. Our interpreters have a solid professional experience and are specialised in different fields.


The presence of the interpreter ensures mutual understanding between the parties. Ideal for small groups, in business negotiations, company visits and professional and technical meetings.


Suitable for conferences and institutional meetings. Options:


The interpreter translates what the speaker is saying simultaneously, in a soundproof booth with the aid of a special equipment.


The interpreter listens to the speaker and translates in segments.


The interpreter whispers in the ear of one/two listener/s the simultaneous translation of what the speaker is saying.


We can provide professional interpreters in the main sign languages.

Information we need to prepare for the assignment

The location where the service will take place, the number of participants and the type of event. The reference documentation is required in advance.

2 interpreters for the same language pair

For conference interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage), we will provide two interpreters for the same language pair, thus guaranteeing the highest quality for the whole service duration.

The best equipment for every occasion

We can provide the specific equipment for your event. We carry out an inspection of the chosen location, to assist you with sound advice.