Otherwords is a translation, interpreting and language training agency supporting companies and private individuals. Our goal is to break down the boundaries of your communication.


Translation is the transposition of a text from one language to another. It is a complex process that is the foundation of global communication. To carry out this process, our translation agency carefully analyses each translation project and avails itself of the collaboration of native speaking translators in the target language, specialised in different fields. The translations we perform are subjected to various quality assessments, to ensure maximum quality.

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Localization is the linguistic and cultural adaptation of a text that is subjected to translation. That’s why at Otherwords translation and localization always go hand in hand. We firmly believe that localization is a process closely related to the translation process, and therefore, it cannot be disregarded. Each type of text, from technical to legal to marketing, must be adapted to be received by an audience of a different nationality.

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Otherwords provides specialised professional interpreters for your international business needs. We can support you both with conference interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage) and with liaison interpreting for your business negotiations. Our interpreters have a solid professional experience and are specialised in different fields.

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Otherwords offers both individual and group language courses to companies and individuals for all levels. We will be happy to plan together a training path suitable to your or your study group’s needs and to propose solutions to help you effectively achieve your goals.

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